Quantum Safe Cryptography Lab


The advent of quantum computers threatens to break classical public key cryptographic schemes such RSA and ECC, which are widely used in the Banking and Financial sector as well as Internet. This could have a huge impact on the banking and financial sector, wherein security of information and applications is sacrosanct.

The Institute’s Quantum Safe Cryptography (Post Quantum Cryptography) Lab aims to identify and design Quantum-safe cryptography algorithms, which are secure against quantum attacks on both classical and quantum computers. This Lab also works on NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) algorithms.


  • To study the existing post-quantum cryptography algorithms
  • To identify cryptographic algorithms that are resistant to quantum attacks
  • To design the new variant of NIST-post quantum cryptography(PQC) algorithms
  • To develop quantum safe solutions/products for banking sector
  • To secure the outsourced data in the cloud storage

Proposed Activities

  • Develop a Q-Safe-Quantum Safe Encrypted Cloud Storage for Banking sector
  • Design and development of Post Quantum Lattice-based PKI
  • Design of Indigenous Post Quantum Signature Generation and Key Encapsulation Algorithms
  • Development of Post Quantum TLS/SSL Cipher Suite
  • Design and develop the Post-Quantum Cryptography Solutions for Cloud Storage


Dr. P. Syam Kumar

Assistant Professor

Research Fellows

Gudipati Sravya

Guide: Dr. P. Syam Kumar

Topic: Post-Quantum Cryptography in Cloud

Renuka Cheeturi

Guide: Dr. P. Syam Kumar

Topic: Security of Cloud assisted IoT

Guntuka Sudeep

Guide: Dr. P. Syam Kumar

Topic: Big Data Security in Cloud