Banking Use Case Innovation Lab


Providing banking, insurance and lending services by ensuring safety, security, reliability and interoperability, at competitive costs through multiple delivery channels is a challenging task. The Banking Use Case Innovation Lab provides opportunities and resources for developing customised Applications and test setups using emerging and innovative technologies.


The objectives of the centre include:

    • Explore innovative solutions in banking, insurance and lending services
    • Provide guidance to Banks and Financial Institutions to incorporate new models, frameworks, best practices and new innovative technologies
    • Provide testing environment for BFSI sector in innovative solutions.
    • Conduct training programmes, workshops and conferences on Innovative and Emerging Technologies
    • Provides practical skills with hands-on lab experiments on a testing platform.

Work Proposed to be carried out

  • Post Quantum Cryptography
  • Mobile Application Usability vs Security Model


Dr. N. P. Dhavale

Associate Professor