Participant Checklist

Checking In: Executives nominated for any programme/seminar/workshop, on receiving confirmation from the Institute, should check in at the Executive Facility Centre of the Institute, preferably a day prior to the commencement of the programme, in case the programme is residential. Participants may check out the details about the Reaching IDRBT and Route Map to the Institute and may contact the Institute on the phone numbers – 91-40-23294999/4000 or on for assistance in case of exigencies.

Accommodation: The Institute has in place excellent accomodation and catering facilities. Right from the Bed Tea early in the morning, to Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner is provided to the participants. A special lunch or dinner is also organized during the course of every programme.

Participants should observe strict discipline throughout their stay at the Institute. Consumption of Alcoholic Drinks and Smoking is prohibited and all participants are expected to maintain the decorum of the Institute.

Medical Facility: The Institute has a Dispensary to address the medical needs of the participants and staff of the Institute. The Doctor visits the Institute regularly.

Please feel free to contact The Programme Office – Ext 4121 or the Receptionist on 4444 in case of emergencies. The Reception works round the clock.

Banks & Post Offices: There is a branch of the State Bank of Hyderabad and Andhra Bank near the Institute. There is also a Post Office nearby and the Institute also has an arrangement with the Blue Dart Courier Service. Please get in touch with the Programme Office further details.

All participants are advised not to keep excess cash or valuables in their rooms and the Institute will in be no way be responsible for the loss of these valuables.

Security: The Institute Campus is highly secure and is manned by trained security personnel round the clock. Moreover, a biometric access control system is enabled throughout the Institute, which ensures that it is doubly safe.

Return Reservation: Participants are advised to secure reservation for their return journey from their destination before departure to the Institute since this would obviate the need for getting reservations at Hyderabad. However, the Programme Office will render all assistance in obtaining travel reservations.

Leave: All the programmes at IDRBT are full-time programmes and participants will not have any time for other activities. A typical day for a programme participant begins at 7. 45 am with the breakfast and ends around 9.00 pm with the Dinner. In view of this busy schedule, the participants are advised not to schedule any other activities during their stay at the Institute.

Relaxation: A walk around the campus to begin the day and a stint in the Gym to end the day helps the participants in relaxing and preparing for the next day.

Feedback: The participants have to provide continuous feedback through the Institute’s Intranet – IDRBTNET about the course content and the facilities for continuous improvement.