FinTech Forum

FinTechs are accelerating and reshaping the banking and financial services sector radically. Banks and financial institutions are realising the immense value addition in adopting and adapting various FinTech innovations. Collaborations between banks and fintechs present a great opportunity for banks and financial institutions to jointly innovate and leverage each others’ expertise and experiences to not just provide better customer services but also take the banking experience to a new level.  

It is in this context that the Institute set up the FinTech Forum, with an aim to bring both banks and fintechs on a common platform so that innovative solutions from start-ups and small companies are leveraged by banks and other financial institutions while also providing a good platform for fintechs to connect and graduate to the next level. As a GOTO for Banks and FinTechs, the main objectives of IDRBT FinTech Forum are:

  • To provide a continuous innovative platform to FinTech and banks
  • To enhance the co-innovation
  • To reduce the on-boarding time.

The FinTech Forum is coordinated by Dr. Mridula Verma, Dr. Abhishek Thakur and Dr. MVNK Prasad, Faculty, IDRBT. FinTechs can register with us by clicking here.