Analytics Lab


The Banking Sector is moving “Beyond Core Banking” to achieve the next big step of business strategy automation and optimisation. With a view to enable “Beyond Core Banking”, the Institute had set up the Centre for Analytics. The centre is the first-of-its-kind in the country with multiple solutions and technology under one roof.

The centre was inaugurated by Dr. D. Subbarao, Governor, RBI & Visitor, IDRBT, on June 18, 2010. The work being carried out by the Centre for Analytics was reviewed during September 2015 and the Centre was elevated as Centre of Excellence in Analytics on September 11, 2015.

Over a period of time, Analytics became part of a wider umbrella discipline namely “Data Science”, which subsumes Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. As part of the restricting of the Research Centers in the Institute, the Centre of Excellence is renamed as “Analytics Lab” recently.


The objectives of the Analytics Lab include:

  • Providing thought leadership and mentoring in Data Science to the Banking and Financial Sector
  • Conducting Applied Research in the cutting edge areas of the entire gamut of data science subsuming AI/ML (reinforcement learning, deep learning included), Evolutionary computing, fuzzy computing, soft computing, data/text/web mining, big data analytics, social media analytics, time series data mining, Explainable AI, Adversarial ML, Auto ML, Privacy Preserving ML, Federated Learning and applying the research outcomes to solve several business (analytical customer relationship management subsumed) and operational problems arising in BFSI sector with the help of Ph.D. scholars, M.Tech students, Research Associates, Summer Interns, and PGDBT students.
  • Forge national and international research collaborations with top notch researchers
  • Publish research outcomes in reputed International Journals
  • Host national/international students for research projects
  • Develop Proof of Concepts in the above-mentioned areas
  • Disseminating knowledge through training programmes to bankers in the above areas
  • To conduct Chief Analytics Officers Forum periodically for Data Science professionals in banks
  • To carry out projects funded by external agencies
  • To develop frameworks for banking in the above-cited areas


Dr. V. Ravi


Research Fellows

Vivek Yeleti

Guide: Dr. V. Ravi

Topic: Feature Subset Selection using Evolutionary Computation under Big Data Paradigm

Sandarbh Yadav

Guide: Dr. V. Ravi

Topic: Reinforcement learning and Evolutionary Computing for Financial Applications