Customised Programmes

Apart from the regular Executive Education and Development Programmes, Seminars, Workshops and Conclaves for the top and middle management of Banks and Financial Institutions, the Institute conducts Customised Programmes to meet the specific needs of the Banking and Financial Sector.

The course content of these programmes is developed in consultation with the particular Bank/Financial Institution and it imparts inputs on IT-enabled services of specific relevance to that institution. Prior to the commencement of the programme, the Institute studies in depth the various technology initiatives of the particular organisation, the stage and pace of technology implementation, the bottlenecks encountered, challenges faced and the future technology needs of the Bank/FI. It’s on the basis of this specific study and interaction with the top management, that the content for the programme is finalised. Over 40% of the programmes conducted by the Institute are Customised Programmes.

The duration of these programmes is generally a week so as to enable a group of executives from an organisation to take time off from their busy schedules and get a detailed understanding of the latest offerings of technology. However, depending on the topics and level of participants, and considering the time constraints especially in the case of top management, the duration of customised programmes may be modified accordingly. The number of participants for a customised programme is generally limited to a maximum of 30.

Banks and Financial Institutions may get in touch with the Program office, at for further details.