5G & IoT Lab


The Department of Telecommunications, Government of India, has awarded the Institute a major research project on 5G Use Case Lab for Banking and Financial Services, in June 2020. It is in this background that the Institute has set up the 5G and IoT lab to demonstrate Use Cases for Banking and Financial Services. It also provides an interoperability and test environment for Start-ups to showcase their innovations that exploit next generation technologies.


  • Supporting the Start-ups and providing them an interoperability test environment
  • Pursue research in realm of efficient service delivery in remote/unconnected areas
  • Experiment with Machine/IoT enabled financial workflows
  • Analyse and extend innovations in Beyond 5G networks for efficient usage in the BFSI realm.

Proposed Activities

  • Interoperable Test Environment: Operate a minimal environment with ability to test use cases involving – multiple public/private 5G and beyond networks; bank simulation software, AR/VR, Video and IoT experimental setups. Both open source and commercial frameworks are used for benchmarking and testing efforts
  • Research Aspects: The initial focus areas are around:
    1. service based architecture with orchestration and control plan separation
    2. multi-domain service offerings where resources across organisations/verticals may be pooled
    3. auditable privacy preserving solutions
    4. next generation services for identity, risks and high velocity transaction
    5. security best practices for future networks,
    6. improving connectivity for remote communities and resource constrained IoT deployment
  • Development Activities: The lab is exploring open source technologies for developing / extending solutions for interoperability testing. Some of the activities are focused on rural communities to identify gaps and provide PoCs for the same.


Dr. Abhishek Kumar

Assistant Professor

Research Fellows

Arpit Tripathi

Guide: Dr. Abhishek Thakur

Topic: Optimisations in 5G Networks

Neha Joshi

Guide: Dr. Abhishek Thakur

Topic: Privacy in multi-domain 5G architecture