Cloud Computing Lab


Cloud Computing is attracting everyone’s attention, right from service providers to businesses and government, as a means of cost effective provisioning of IT resources. Cloud computing can provide broad capabilities that banks need on a flexible basis to help them do much more than cut infrastructure costs. Cloud computing helps banks to transform their business processes and enhance their ability to grow in new sectors or regions without the time and cost burdens involved with establishing a physical presence. It also helps to create new markets and services to differentiate from competition and improve the ways customers’ access and use the bank’s products and services.


The objectives of the centre include:

  • Provide suitable cloud platform to banks for testing
  • Prototype common centralised services to banks on cloud
  • Undertake studies on security and scalability in cloud
  • Provide training on virtualisation and cloud computing
  • Develop and Host Virtual Labs so that banks can test and experiment with new ideas before deploying IT solution
  • Build secure cloud storage, which provides storage space to users to store their data in cloud along with security.

The lab has created a low-cost SAN storage and is working on setting a Private Cloud.


Dr. V. Radha

Associate Professor

Research Fellows

Sanda Pranitha

Guide: Dr. V. Radha

Topic: Cloud Forensics