Executive Development Programmes

The Training Programmes of IDRBT form an integral part of the Institute′s Initiatives in aiding technology absorption in the Indian Banking and Financial Sector and keeping the sector abreast with the latest in technology. The focus of the Institute’s programmes is to equip and prepare the top and middle-level managements of Banks and Financial Institutions for the latest in Technology Banking.

Banks need to necessarily rely on the skillsets of their human resources for rapid technological transformation. While the employees have to be equipped for using and leveraging new technologies, there is a need for a core team of information technology professionals to continuously design, develop and implement appropriate systems. Simultaneously, there is a growing requirement for evaluation of the new systems from the point of view of the efficiency, usability and more importantly – security.

The Institute has been striving to provide the desired training to officials of banks and financial institutions. The endeavour of the Institute has always been on finding the gaps in the skillset requirements and provide training in those areas through its Executive Development and Education Programmes. The Institute offers holistic Executive Education and Development Programmes that cover the entire gamut of technology applicable to the Banking and Financial Sector including:

  • Top Management Programmes focused on providing strategic direction to the technology initiatives for Directors on Boards of Banks, Executive Directors, General Managers – IT/CIO, HR Heads of Banks
  • International Programmes to enable attaining and sustaining of international standards of excellence in Banking Technology in collaborations with reputed universities 
  • Customised Programmes to address the respective banks’ technology training needs
  • Training Programmes in all areas of technology that are relevant to the Banking and Financial Sector for top and middle management of banks
  • Training for new bank recruits on various aspects of Banking Technology.

One of the important features of the training at IDRBT is the emphasis on ‘learning by doing’ at its research centres, where participants can actually work on the latest IT systems to understand the intricacies, in addition to classrooms.

These specialised programmes are open to both the Public and Private Sector Banks and Financial Institutions. IDRBT Programmes are all about disseminating ‘tech-knowledge’ and so, providing extensive hands-on experience is an integral part of all these programmes. This helps the participants try out all the concepts learnt in the classroom themselves and sort out the arising issues.

The sessions are addressed by a team of experienced Faculty, who are well-versed with various practical applications of technology. In addition, the Faculty accord special importance to analysing the subject with real-life case studies to ensure that the participant gets a thorough understanding of the issues. Eminent guest speakers, both from the academia and the industry are invited to address and interact with the participants.

The programmes conducted by the Institute are unique in more ways than one. Since, IDRBT is the only institution in the country focused exclusively on Banking Technology, the Institute’s programmes not only bring to the participants the best that is being thought and said in the area of technology, it also provides invaluable inputs on the best in Banking Technology.

With a view to meet the specific needs of the Sector, the Institute now offers over 90 programmes training over 2000 bankers every year, on various topics of direct relevance to the Banking and Financial Sector. The Institute trusts that the banks and financial Institutions would make full use of the training programmes conducted by IDRBT for the overall skill enhancement of the Indian Banking and Financial Sector.