Journal of Banking and Financial Technology


The Journal started off as the IDRBT Journal of Banking Technology in July 2017. With the Springer publishing the Journal on behalf of the Institute from January 2019 onwards, it is renamed as the Journal of Banking and Financial Technology.

About the Journal


The Journal of Banking and Financial Technology, an official journal of Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT), focuses on the technological aspects of banking and finance. The thrust of the journal is to promote new thinking, conceptual frameworks and research-oriented innovative ideas on topics of current interest and broad relevance to application of technology in Banking and Financial Services. The Journal covers all aspects of technology, which directly or indirectly contributes to the technological growth of the banking and financial sector, both from researchers’ as well as practitioners’ perspectives.

Scope of the Journal

The Journal of Banking and Financial Technology publishes original research articles on all aspects of computing and communication technologies, which are/can be used in banking and finance. It also publishes case studies, practitioners’ perspectives, experimental and survey articles. The Journal is intended for academics, practitioners, scientists and engineers who are involved in research, design and applications of banking and financial technologies.

Areas of Interest

The specific areas of interest to the IDRBT Journal of Banking Technology include (but are not limited to):

  • Cyber Security – Vulnerability Analysis, Digital (image/video/document) Forensics, Penetration Testing, Web Security, Application Security, Malware Analysis
  • Analytics – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Social Media Analytics, Chatbots
  • Mobile Computing – Banking Apps, Security Testing
  • Authentication – Multi-factor Authentication, Single Sign-on
  • Data Centers – Green Computing, Open Source Technologies
  • Web Services – Semantics, Ontologies, Discovery and Secure Composition
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing – Architectures, Security and Privacy
  • Program Analysis – Dataflow, Control-flow Integrity, Secure Programming Practices
  • Payment Channels and Systems – Digital Currency, Blockchain, Distributed Ledgers, Wallets, Protocols for Secure Transactions
  • Biometrics – Pattern Recognition, Image Processing
  • Data Engineering, Data Warehousing
  • Information Systems Auditing Tools
  • Emerging Technologies for Financial Inclusion


The Journal of Banking and Financial Technology is published twice a year in January and July.

Preparation and Submission of Manuscripts

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Publisher Contact

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