Milestones 2023-24

Executive Director, RBI , visits IDRBT

Shri Ajay K. Choudhary, Executive Director, RBI; Shri Sunil Mehta, Chief Executive, Indian Banks’ Association, Shri Suvendu Pati, Chief General Manager, RBI, along with a team of officials from Reserve Bank of India and Reserve Bank Innovation Hub (RBIH) visited IDRBT on July 07, 2023. Prof. D. Janakiram, Director, IDRBT, warmly welcomed them to the institute.

The one-day programme focussed on understanding the Institute’s research projects covering new various technologies like LoRa and 5G and their relevant use cases in banking and finance. Accordingly, the IDRBT Team made in-depth presentations on the following:

  • LoRaWAN Based Secured Bank-Transactions
  • Private 5G Mobile Edge Cloud
  • Blockchain and Machine Learning powered Unified Video KYC Framework:
  • Voice Biometric Authentication for Banking:

Detailed discussions were held on each of these presentations and how these innovations could be utilised for the banking and financial sector.