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(Joint initiative of IIBF & IDRBT)

Adoption of technology has changed the contours of banking. The Core Banking Solutions (CBS) opened new vistas. A customer no longer banks with a branch but with a bank. Banks of today have however moved beyond CBS and have embraced newer and emerging technologies like Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, etc. These technologies have ushered in a metamorphosis of change in the Indian banking landscape and are considered to be a creative force. Nevertheless, these emerging technologies are not without their challenges. Cyber security assumes critical importance in an internet-based banking environment. Cyber frauds can happen with global footprints. Research covering the above emerging technologies would prove to be highly beneficial for the banks.

In the above milieu, the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF) and the Institute for Development & Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT) have taken an initiative to jointly announce a “Research Fellowship in Banking Technology” in 2019.

About IIBF

Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF), formerly known as The Indian Institute of Bankers (IIB), is a professional body of banks, financial institutions and their employees in India. Since its inception in 1928, IIBF has emerged as a premier institute in banking and finance education for those employed as well as seeking employment in the sector, aiming for professional excellence.


The Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT) was established by Reserve Bank of India in March 1996 as an Autonomous Centre for Development and Research in Banking Technology. Over the years, the institute has positioned itself at the intersection of academia and industry by focussing on applied research in various areas of technology directly relevant to the banking and financial sector and reaching it to banks through training, publications, banking technology forums, and consultancy.

Themes or Thrust Areas

The research fellowship in Banking Technology, a joint initiative of IIBF and IDRBT, aims to sponsor technically and economically feasible technology research projects which has the potential to contribute significantly to the Banking and Financial Sector. Research proposals, focussed on the following thrust areas of Banking Technology, are invited:

  • Cyber Security
  • Analytics
  • Mobile Banking
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Payment Systems

Research Proposal

The research proposal submitted should, inter alia, with technology at its core, focus on the research objective/s, hypothesis, research design, methodology, execution plan and deliverables of the proposed project.


Teams sponsored/identified by research organisations/institutes, as well as individuals working in Banks/Fin-Tech Companies/corporates/research organisations/institutions having a proven track record, are eligible to apply. If the research is undertaken by individuals, the proposal should be routed through their organizations after taking requisite permission, wherever applicable.

The staff / faculty members of IIBF and IDRBT are not permitted to apply for the research fellowship.

Time frame

The final research report should be submitted within a maximum period of six months from the time the project is awarded. In case of delay in submission of report, the award may be forfeited. During the period of six months, the awardee can avail the infrastructural facilities available at IDRBT for a maximum period of four weeks. This phase which will be available twice during the six-month period, can be used by the awardee to carry out his/her research, test the same in simulated conditions, interact with the faculty of IDRBT and with CTOs/CISOs of banks and financial institutions. IDRBT may provide suitable mentoring and guidance to the researcher for accomplishment of his/her project. IDRBT may also provide logistic support to the research candidate. Costs to be incurred in this connection will be borne by the researcher. Candidates may highlight in their proposal their tentative plan to avail the mentorship and facilities at IDRBT and how it will enhance their work.

A mid-term review of the project should be submitted within a maximum period of 4 months, which will be reviewed and suggestions for improvements made, if any, should be incorporated in the final report.


Research proposals, which should be amenable for implementation on ground, will be evaluated in terms of its objective, relevance, technical contribution and methodology. All the research proposals will be examined for its suitability and the final selection will be made after the short-listed researchers make a presentation to the committee jointly formed by IIBF & IDRBT. Final report should clearly mention key action points for policy makers for implementing the project.

Research Grant

The selected research project which carries a cash award of Rs.5,00,000/- (Rupees Five lakhs only) will be fully funded by the Institute. On commencement of the project, a part (25%) of the award money may be given by way of advance, based on the request of the researcher. On completion of the project, the researcher will be called to make a final presentation of his/her work done before the committee jointly formed by IIBF & IDRBT. The committee may also include CTOs/CISOs of banks and financial institutions. The balance of the research grant will be disbursed only on acceptance of the final report. In case a report is found unacceptable during the final review, the research organization / researcher will not be paid the balance amount. In case, a research organization/researcher abandons the project mid-way, they would be required to refund the advance availed together with interest at the prevailing MCLR of the State Bank of India (SBI).

Research Report

It should be comprehensive covering all aspects described in the research proposal.


Applicant research organizations/researchers are required to submit soft copy of the proposals in English MS Word file along with a brief bio-data highlighting their experience in conducting similar research and forwarding letter from the employer at

The last date for submitting the proposals under this scheme is May 02, 2023.