Offline Programme Archives

Offline Programme Archives (2018-2019)

Name of the Programme Start Date End Date Coordinator
June 2019
Workshop on Registration Authority Operations 17-06-2019 18-06-2019 Dr. N. P. Dhavale
Website Security 10-06-2019 12-06-2019 Dr. Rajarshi Pal
May 2019
Network Security 20-05-2019 24-05-2019 Dr. V. Radha
April 2019
Security Operations Centre 29-04-2019 03-05-2019 Dr. V. Radha
Payment Systems Current Trends and New Initiatives 22-04-2019 24-04-2019 Dr. N. V. Narendra
Customized Programme on Cyber Security for NABARD 08-04-2019 12-04-2019 Dr. Rajarshi Pal
March 2019
Information Systems Control and Audit 25-03-2019 29-03-2019 Dr. M. V. Sivakumaran
Automated Testing of Software Applications 11-03-2019 15-03-2019 Dr. V. Radha
February 2019
Banking Technologies 25-02-2019 01-03-2019 Dr. Rajarshi Pal
Workshop on Registration Authority Operations 21-02-2019 22-02-2019 Dr. N. P. Dhavale
Robotic Process Automation 18-02-2019 20-02-2019 Dr. Rajarshi Pal
Structured Financial Messaging System (SFMS) 11-02-2019 15-02-2019 Dr. N. V. Narendra
Secure Coding Practices 04-02-2019 08-02-2019 Dr. V. Radha
Virtualization Technologies in Cloud Computing 04-02-2019 08-02-2019 Dr. P. Syam Kumar
January 2019
Dr. P. Syam Kumar 30-01-2019 01-02-2019 Dr. P. Syam Kumar
Mobile Technologies, Social Media, and Internet of Things 07-01-2019 11-01-2019 Dr. V. N. Sastry
Data Warehousing and Reporting 07-01-2019 09-01-2019 Dr. Mridula Verma
December 2018
Security Operations Centre 31-12-2018 04-01-2019 Dr. V. Radha
Customized Programme on Banking Technology for Pondicherry University 26-12-2018 28-12-2018 Dr. P. Syam Kumar
IT Operational Risk Management 17-12-2018 19-12-2018 Dr. N. P. Dhavale
Structured Financial Messaging System 10-12-2018 14-12-2018 Dr. N. V. Narendra
Workshop on Dispute Resolution in E-Banking and Electronic Payments for Banking Ombudsman of Reserve Bank of India 05-12-2018 07-12-2018 Dr. N.V. Narendra
November 2018
Registration Authority Operations 26-11-2018 27-11-2018 Dr. N. P. Dhavale
Customised Workshop on Registration Authority Operations for Canara Bank 19-11-2018 20-11-2018 Dr. N. P. Dhavale
October 2018
Technologies for Financial Inclusion 29-10-2018 31-10-2018 Dr. M. V. N. K. Prasad
Payment Systems - Current Trends and New Initiatives 29-10-2018 31-10-2018 Dr. N. V. Narendra
Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing for Cyber Defence 29-10-2018 02-11-2018 Prof. B. M. Mehtre
API Development 22-10-2018 26-10-2018 Dr. V. Radha
Customised Workshop on Registration Authority Operations for Canara Bank 15-10-2018 16-10-2018 Dr. N. P. Dhavale
Secure Web Application Development 08-10-2018 10-10-2018 Dr. Rajarshi Pal
Customised Workshop on Registration Authority Operations for Canara Bank 04-10-2018 05-10-2018 Dr. N. P. Dhavale
September 2018
Banking Technologies 24-09-2018 28-09-2018 Dr. Rajarshi Pal
Information Systems Control and Audit 24-09-2018 28-09-2018 Dr. M. V. Sivakumaran
Network Security 24-09-2018 28-09-2018 Dr. V. Radha
Structured Financial Messaging System 24-09-2018 28-09-2018 Dr. N. V. Narendra
7th International Programme on Information Assurance and Management 05-09-2018 15-09-2018 Dr. B. M. Mehtre
August 2018
Security Operations Centre 27-08-2018 31-08-2018 Dr. V. Radha
Registration Authority Operations 13-08-2018 14-08-2018 Dr. N. P. Dhavale
Customized Technology Orientation Programme for IT Officers of Andhra Bank 06-08-2018 10-08-2018 N.P. Dhavale
Mobile Banking Security and Testing (MBSAT) 06-08-2018 10-08-2018 Dr. V. N. Sastry
July 2018
Payment Systems - Current Trends and New Initiatives 30-07-2018 01-08-2018 Dr. N. V. Narendra
IT Operational Risk Management 30-07-2018 01-08-2018 Dr. N. P. Dhavale
Cyber Security Drills 30-07-2018 01-08-2018 Dr. B. M. Mehtre
Data Centre Management 25-07-2018 27-07-2018 Dr. P. Syam Kumar
Cyber Defence for Banks 16-07-2018 20-07-2018 Dr. Rajarshi Pal
IT Vendor Management 16-07-2018 18-07-2018 Dr. N. P. Dhavale
Emerging Authentication Techniques for Banks 09-07-2018 10-07-2018 Dr. M. V. N. K. Prasad
Basic Course on Investigation of Banking Frauds 09-07-2018 13-07-2018 Dr. B. M. Mehtre, IDRBT
Shri P Vimaladitya,
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy
Secure Coding Practices 02-07-2018 06-07-2018 Dr. V. Radha