IDRBT Cheque Image Dataset

A cheque image dataset has been created at IDRBT using the Bank cheques with diverse texture and ink color. Total 112 cheque leaves from four different banks in India are used as source document. In order to simulate the pen ink difference in cheque leaves, seven blue and seven black pens are used. To avoid biasness due to writing, nine different volunteers have taken active participation to prepare the dataset, i.e., in writing the cheques. A total of 14 × 9=126 pen−volunteer combinations (fourteen pens and nine volunteers) are used for pen ink data generation. In practical scenario, similar color pens are used for addition of new words in source document. Each cheque is written by two volunteers using two different pens (either blue or black). Hence, data set is created with 2 × 7C2 = 42 possible combinations of blue and black pens. All the cheque leaves are scanned in normal scanner at 300 dpi resolution.

The following zip file contains

  • Images of 112 cheques
  • An excel sheet containing the metadata of writing the cheques. It shows which pair of volunteers wrote and modified the cheques using which pair of pens. It also shows the exact words each volunteer has written in the cheques.

Please cite the following paper in your articles wherever you are using this dataset:

P. Dansena, S. Bag, and R. Pal, “Differentiating Pen Inks in Hand-written Bank Cheques Using Multi-Layer Perceptron”, Proc. of 7th International Conference on Pattern recognition and Machine Intelligence, Kolkata, India, December 2017.