In the light of various advisories to contain the spread of 'COVID-19', all training programmes, except e-Programmes, scheduled till June 20, 2020 stand deferred.

Webinar for Board Members of Banks

Webinar Topic Date Time Speaker
Cyber Security : During Pandemic and Beyond 12-06-2020 1130 - 1230 hrs Shri R. Gandhi,
Former Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India & Former Chairman, IDRBT.

e-Programmes (e-Learning)

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Name of the e-Programme Starts Ends Coordinator Nominate by Details
Introduction to Technologies for Customer Lifecycle Management 01-06-2020 03-06-2020 Dr. V. Ravi 01-06-2020 (till 12.00 PM)
Recent Cyber Crimes and Defences 02-06-2020 05-06-2020 Dr. Rajarshi Pal 29-05-2020
RBI Guidelines on Cyber Security 09-06-2020 12-06-2020 Dr. Dipanjan Roy 05-06-2020
Trends in Mobile Payments and Social Media Banking 15-06-2020 18-06-2020 Dr. V. N. Sastry 11-06-2020
Fundamentals of Open Source Technologies 16-06-2020 19-06-2020 Dr. Mridula Verma 12-06-2020
Introduction to Fraud Analytics 22-06-2020 25-06-2020 Dr. V. Ravi 18-06-2020
Introduction to Technologies for Doorstep Banking 23-06-2020 26-06-2020 Dr. M. V. N. K. Prasad 19-06-2020
Fundamentals of Wi-Fi Security 30-06-2020 03-07-2020 Dr. N. P. Dhavale 26-06-2020
Blockchain Technologies - Global Banking Experiences 06-07-2020 09-07-2020 Dr. N. V. Narendra Kumar 02-07-2020 Details will be Available Soon
Fundamentals of Digital Forensics 07-07-2020 10-07-2020 Dr. B. M. Mehtre 03-07-2020
Chatbots for Customer Engagement 13-07-2020 16-07-2020 Dr. Mridula Verma 09-07-2020
Basics of Software Defined Networks 14-07-2020 17-07-2020 Dr. N. P. Dhavale 10-07-2020
Security Ecosystem 20-07-2020 23-07-2020 Dr. Dipanjan Roy 16-07-2020
Introduction to Governance, Risk and Compliance 21-07-2020 24-07-2020 Dr. Abhishek Thakur 17-07-2020
Introduction to Authentication Techniques 27-07-2020 30-07-2020 Dr. M. V. N. K. Prasad 23-07-2020
Introduction to Security in Cloud Computing 28-07-2020 31-07-2020 Dr. P. Syam Kumar 24-07-2020

Forthcoming Programmes

Programme Title Starts Ends Nominate by Coordinator Details
Automated Testing of Software Applications 22-06-2020 26-06-2020 08-06-2020 Dr. V. Radha

Certification Programmes in IT and Cyber Security

Certification Programmes in IT & Cyber Security for Board Members Certification Programmes in IT & Cyber Security for Senior Management Certification Programmes in IT & Cyber Security for CXOs
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  1. Jun 29 - 30, 2020
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