IDRBT Tenders

Tender Date Deadline
Request for Proposal (RFP) for Revamp, Supply, Implementation and Maintenance of Data Centre Facility at IDRBT, Hyderabad
Pre-bid Meeting Queries & Clarifications
04-11-2019 15.00 Hrs. on 29-11-2019
Invitation for Tenders in two-bid system (Technical/Prequalification Bid and Price Bid) for 'Renovation of Board Room (202)' at IDRBT.
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01-11-2019 17.30 Hrs. on 22-11-2019
Request for Proposal (RFP) for Supply, Installation, Support/Services and Maintenance of Servers, Firewalls, Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Smart Virtualization and Management, Premium (2-sockets) and MySQL Software Subscription for IDRBT at Hyderabad and Mumbai. Closed
Pre-bid Meeting Queries & Clarifications
Addendum (Oct 11, 2019)
09-09-2019 15.30 Hrs. on 16-10-2019
Call for Quotations for providing various services at the InstituteClosed
Proforma of Back Pack Bags
22-08-2019 17.00 Hrs. on 09-09-2019
Renovation of Administration Office (Room 108) and HR & Publications Office (Room 216) Closed
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19-07-2019 17.30 Hrs. on 05-08-2019
Renovation of Centre for Cyber Security Closed
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29-05-2019 14.00 Hrs. on 15-06-2019 17.30 Hrs. on 24-06-2019
Tender Notice for "Re-Filling of Fire Extinguishers and Awarding of AMC on Fire Hydrants/Fire Alarm Systems".Closed 01-04-2019 14.00 Hrs. on 23-04-2019 18.00 Hrs. on 27-04-2019
Invitation for "Request for Proposal for Supply and Installation of Enterprise Anti-Virus Software License".Closed
Pre Bid query responses
18-02-2019 14.30 Hrs. on 08-03-2019
Request for Proposal for Procurement of UPS Systems 04-02-2019 17.00 Hrs. on 25-02-2019