Dr. Rajarshi Pal


e-mail : prajarshi(at)idrbt(dot)ac(dot)in

Educational Qualifications

  • Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, 2011
  • M.E. in Software Engineering, Jadavpur University, 2006
  • B. Tech. in Information Technology, Kalyani Government Engineering College, 2004.

Research Interests

  • Image Processing
  • Biometrics
  • Cyber Security

Professional Experience

  • Working as Assistant Professor in IDRBT since August 2011
  • Worked as Research Associate, Center for Soft Computing Research, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata from December 2010 to August 2011.

Ph.D. Guidance

  • Ravi Uyyala [Status: Thesis Submitted (Thesis title: Reversible Data Hiding in Grayscale Images Using Prediction Error Expansion Based Techniques)]
  • Prabhat Dansena [Status: Ongoing (Topic: Pen Ink Differentiation for Hand-written Document Forensics)]
  • K. Suresh [Status: Ongoing (Topic: Cryptographic Key Generation from Biometrics)]
  • Shadab Ahmad [Status: Ongoing (Topic: Multi-Biometric Systems)]
  • M. Sabhapathy [Status: Ongoing (Topic: Machine Learning Based Pixel Prediction for Reversible Data Hiding)]

Recent Publications

  • Journals
    • P. Dansena, R. Pal and S. Bag, "Quantitative Assessment of Capabilities of Colour Models for Pen Ink Discrimination in Handwritten Documents", IET Image Processing, vol. 14, issue 8, pages 1594-1604, June 2020.
    • R. Uyyala, R. Pal and M. V. N. K. Prasad, "Reversible data hiding using b-tree triangular decomposition based prediction", IET Image Processing, vol. 13, issue 11, pages 1986-1997, October 2019.
  • Conferences
    • R. Uyyala and R. Pal, "Reversible Data Hiding with Selected Directional Context Based Prediction Using 8-Neighborhood", In: Proc. of 6th International Conference on Electronics, Computing, and Communication Technologies (CONECCT 2020), Bangalore, India (to be held in July 2020)
    • A. Bhandari, S. Sharma, R. Uyyala, R. Pal, and M. Verma, "Reversible Data Hiding Using Multi-Layer Perceptron Based Pixel Prediction", In: Proc. of 11th International Conference on Advances in Information Technology (IAIT 2020), Bangkok, Thailand (to be held in July 2020)
    • R. Uyyala and R. Pal, "Reversible data hiding using improved gradient based prediction and adaptive histogram bin shifting", In: Proc. of 7th International Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks (SPIN 2020), pages 720-726, Noida, India, February 2020
    • S. Ahmad, R. Pal, and A. Ganivada, "Rank level fusion of multimodal biometrics based on cross-entropy monte-carlo method", In: Proc. of Fifth International Conference on Signal Processing and Intelligent Recognition Systems (SIRS 2019), Trivandrum, India, December 2019
    • P. Dansena, R. Pramanik, S. Bag, and R. Pal, "Ink analysis using CNN-based transfer learning to detect alteration in handwritten words", In: Proc. of Fourth International Conference on Computer Vision and Image Processing (CVIP 2019), pages 223-232, Jaipur, India, September 2019
    • K. Suresh, R. Pal, and S. R. Balasundaram, "Fingerprint based cryptographic key generation" In: Proc. of International Conference on Intelligent Data Communication Technologies and Internet of Things, pages 704-713, Coimbatore, India, August 2019.
    • A. Tiwari and R. Pal, "Gaze-based graphical password using webcam", In: Proc. of 14th International Conference on Information Systems Security (ICISS 2018), pages 448-461, Bangalore, India, December 2018.
    • R. Pal and N. Chowdary, "Statistical profiling of n-grams for payload based anomaly detection for HTTP web traffic", In: Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems (IEEE ANTS 2018), pages 1-6, Indore, India, December 2018.
    • S. Ahmad, L. M. Sangavarapu, R. Pal and Y. R. Reddy, "Rank aggregation approach for identifying critical information infrastructure", In: Proc. of 7th International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications, and Informatics (ICACCI 2018), pages 1328-1333, Bangalore, India, September 2018.
    • R. Uyyala and R. Pal, "Reversible data hiding based on the random distribution of reference pixels", In: Proc. of IEEE Region Ten Symposium (TenSymp 2018), Sydney, Australia, July 2018.
    • P. Dansena, S. Bag and R. Pal, "Differentiating pen inks in hand-written bank cheques using multi-layer perceptron", In: Proc. of 7th International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence (PReMI 2017), pages 65-663, Kolkata, India, December 2017. (Received the Springer Student Award for this Paper)

Ph.D. Guidance

  • K. Suresh, Bio-Crypto Systems, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli. In progress since 2016
  • Shadab Ahmad, Biometrics, University of Hyderbad. In progress since 2017
  • M. Sabhapathy, Machine Learning for Reversible Data Hiding, University of Hyderabad. In progress since 2018

IDRBT Cheque Image Dataset

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