Offline Programme Archives

Offline Programme Archives (2023-2024)

Name of the Programme Start Date End Date Coordinator
September 2023
Role of Micro Services in Developing Scalable Applications 25-09-2023 27-09-2023 Dr. V. Radha
Cyber Security Drills 11-09-2023 13-09-2023 Dr. B. M. Mehtre
Security Operations Centre 04-09-2023 06-09-2023 Dr. V. Radha
August 2023
Mobile Application Development and Security Testing 21-08-2023 25-08-2023 Dr. V. N. Sastry
Workshop on Registration Authority Operations 21-08-2023 22-08-2023 Dr. N. P. Dhavale
July 2023
IT Project and Vendor Management 24-07-2023 28-07-2023 Dr. Abhishek Thakur
Big Data and Cloud 17-07-2023 21-07-2023 Dr. P. Syam Kumar