Ph.D in Progress

S. No. Name Title Supervisors
Centre of Excellence in Analytics
1. Vivek Yelleti Feature Subset Selection using Evolutionary Computation under Big Data Paradigm Dr. V. Ravi
Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security
2. Malvika Singh Behavioral Research in Cyber Security Dr. B. M. Mehtre
3. Shadab Ahmad Fusion in Multimodal Biometrics Dr. Rajarshi Pal
4. Narottam Das Patel Internet of things (IoT) and Cyber-physical Security Dr. B. M. Mehtre
5. M. Sabhapathy Machine Learning for Reversible Data Hiding Dr. Rajarshi Pal
Centre for Mobile Banking
6. Srinadh Swamy Majeti Metric for Mobile Security and Application Testing Dr. N. P. Dhavale
7. S. Manimaran Fuzzy Control of Intrusions in Mobile & IoT Devices Dr. V. N. Sastry
8. Tejaswi Singampalli Recommendar Systems Dr. V. N. Sastry
9. Subrata Das -- Dr. V. N. Sastry
Centre for Affordable Technologies
10. Mukku Nisanth Kartheek Facial Expression Recognition Dr. M. V. N. K. Prasad
11. Hemraj Singh Salient Object Detection in Video using Deep Learning Approaches Dr. Mridula Verma
12. Zarka Bashir -- Dr. Mridula Verma
13. Poonam Rajput -- Dr. M. V. N. K. Prasad
Centre for Cloud Computing
14. P. V. Shalini Network security in software defined networks Dr. V. Radha
15. A. Amarajyothi Information Retrieval Systems Dr. V. Radha
16. Medikonda Asha Kiran Security and Privacy in Cloud assisted IoT Dr. P. Syam Kumar
17. Sanda Pranitha Cloud Forensics Dr. V. Radha
18. Gudipati Sravya -- Dr. P. Syam Kumar
Centre for Payment Systems
19. Ravi Kanth Kotha Privacy-preserving Data Analysis Dr. N. V. Narendra Kumar
20. Sravan SS Certificateless Key Exchange in IoT Enabled Wireless Communication Dr. Susmita Mandal
5G Use Case Lab
21. Arpit Tripathi Optimisations in 5G Networks Dr. Abhishek Kumar Thakur
22. Neha Joshi Privacy in multi-domain 5G architecture Dr. Abhishek Kumar Thakur