Milestones 2000

Milestone On
Conference of Chiefs of Public Sector Banks and Heads of IT Department on INdian FInancial NETwork and Applications. Shri. S. P. Talwar, Shri. Jagdish Capoor, Deputy Governors, RBI, and Shri M.G. Shrivastava, ED, RBI, were among the dignitaries present. Dec 14, 2000
IDRBT organizes the National Seminar on Information Technology Laws and Intellectual Property Rights in association with the Ministry of HRD, Copyright Division, Govt of India; Lex Orbis, and the World Intellectual Property Organisation. Dec 11-12, 2000
Constitution of Technical Sub-Committee on INFINET Upgradation and Customer Assistance Centre. Nov 30, 2000
Constitution of Standing Technical Evaluation Committee (STEC) on INFINET and Eighth Meeting of the Governing Council. Oct 23, 2000
Workshop on INFINET, Security, Messaging and SFMS Related issues for CPPD Chiefs. Oct 04-06, 2000
First Meeting of the Working Group on Design of Message Formats & Security Transactions, etc. Jun 19, 2000
Allocation of a Full Transponder on INSAT 3B to the IDRBT for INFINET Operations. May 08, 2000
Prof. Dennis Longley, Former Head, Information Security Research Centre, Queensland University, Brisbane, Australia, inaugurates the Workshop for CPPD/IT Chiefs on Security Policy and INFINET related issues and delivers a lecture on the Architecture of a Security Policy. Apr 27, 2000
Workshop for Regional Directors and Chief General Managers-in-Charge of Reserve Bank of India on INFINET and IT Strategy. Shri. S. P. Talwar, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India inaugurated the workshop. Apr 21-22, 2000
Visit of Dr. Bimal Jalan, Governor, RBI and Constitution of HR Committee. Apr 21, 2000
Submission of the Report of the Working Group on Priority Areas to Dr. Bimal Jalan, Governor, RBI and Chairman, IDRBT Governing Council. Mar 24, 2000
IDRBT organizes the Fourth Bank Educationists Conference in association with the Indian Institute of Bankers. Dr. C. Rangarajan, Governor of A.P (March 6, 2000) and Shri M. Narasimham, Former Governor, RBI and Chairperson, ASCI, visit the Institute. Mar 6-7, 2000
IDRBT launches the Mail Messaging Services for the Closed User Group of the INFINET. Jan 2000