e-Programmes Calendar

The whole world is going through an unprecedented difficult situation in the wake of Coronavirus outbreak. Despite huge constraints, banks are ensuring business continuity and uninterrupted customer service. Digitisation of the operations is a critical factor that is enabling banks to offer these services without disruptions. Several banks are introducing innovative digital solutions. Innovative solutions need rigorous security testing. In these circumstances, it is imperative to continously upgrade technology skills of bankers. Responding to this need and taking into account the current constraints, IDRBT has introduced an e-Learning Channel for training programmes from the first week of May 2020. 

These e-Programmes from the Institute envisage to provide the required learning inputs through online teaching, reading material, videos, webinars, assignments, quizzes, online interactions and clarifications, with a view to benefit the banking community with the latest in Banking Technology. Here are the upcoming e-Programmes:

e-Programme Details Starts Ends Coordinator Nominate by
February 2023
IT Project Management 07-02-2023 10-02-2023 Dr. Abhishek Thakur 06-02-2023
Emerging Cyber Security Practices 07-02-2023 10-02-2023 Dr. Rajarshi Pal 06-02-2023
Introduction to Hardware Security 14-02-2023 17-02-2023 Dr. Dipanjan Roy 13-02-2023
Secure Financial Infrastructure 14-02-2023 17-02-2023 Dr. Susmita Mandal 13-02-2023
Virtualization and Cloud Computing 21-02-2023 24-02-2023 Dr. P. Syam Kumar 20-02-2023
API Development 21-02-2023 24-02-2023 Dr. V. Radha 20-02-2023
Special Awareness Programme on Data Science for Banks 27-02-2023 03-03-2023 Dr. V. Ravi 24-02-2023
Technologies for Financial Inclusion 28-02-2023 03-03-2023 Dr. MVNK. Prasad 27-02-2023
Zero Day Threats and Mitigation 28-02-2023 03-03-2023 Dr. B. M. Mehtre 27-02-2023
March 2023
Privacy and Security Risks in Machine Learning 14-03-2023 17-03-2023 Dr. Rajarshi Pal 13-03-2023
Data Centre Management 14-03-2023 17-03-2023 Dr. P. Syam Kumar 13-03-2023
Advanced Topics in Cyber Security 14-03-2023 17-03-2023 Dr. B. M. Mehtre 13-03-2023
Continuous Security Validation 14-03-2023 17-03-2023 Dr. V. Radha 13-03-2023