While investing most of its time and resources in Applied Research and Development, the Institute also offers Consultancy in Banking Technology and related Areas to Banks and Financial Institutions. Consultancy projects are taken up on various routine facets of Information Technology in Banking, to make available the well-groomed technology expertise of the Institute to the Sector.

Security Technologies, IT Strategy, Technology Planning and Upgradation, Networking, Electronic Payment Systems, Information System Audit, IT Infrastructure Audit, Information Security Policy, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Risk Management, Analytics and Digital Banking are some of the primary projects on which our teams are now working and IDRBT offers consultancy in these areas to Banks and Financial Institutions.

The areas in which the Institute has provided consultancy to various Banks and Financial Institutions include:

Areas of Consultancy
Review of IT Infrastructure & Audit of Information System Internet Banking Policy
Diagnostic Study of IT System Enterprise Data Warehousing
Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity Plan Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence
IT Security Policy End-to-End Testing of RTGS & NEFT Systems for Migration to Core Banking
Core Banking IT Advice and Security
IT Plan and Implementation Strategy Technology Upgradation
Implementation of various IT Initiatives Public Key Infrastructure
Comprehensive IT Strategy Network Security Policy
Selection of IT Persons, Promotion and issues related to IT Networking Branches
Selection of IT Consultants Enterprise wide Networking
Network for Centralized Banking Solution Implementation of WAN
Perspective Plan Preparation Compliance and Risk Management
Implementation of IT Enabled Services and Design & Development of DC, DRS, Implementation of CBS, MMS and Roll-Out IT Consultancy for Post CBS, CRM/KYC, Implementation of Card Standards, Network Audit and IT Enabled Services

Please write to director(at)idrbt(dot)ac(dot)in if you would like to avail of consultancy services from the Institute.