Centre for Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is a game changer for the Indian Banking Sector and more particularly in the context of Financial Inclusion. Providing banking services by ensuring safety, security, reliability and interoperability, on both low-end and high-end mobile phones, through various mobile communication channels is a challenge as well as an opportunity for Banks. Developing customized Mobile Banking Applications and testing them is another big challenge since mobile phones have varying degrees of embedded features, different operating systems, non-uniform computing resources, etc.

The Centre for Mobile Banking was inaugurated on August 03, 2012 by Dr. D. Subbarao, Governor, RBI & Visitor, IDRBT.


The objectives of the centre include:

  • Explore solutions to the evolving challenges in the area of Mobile Banking
  • Provide guidance to Banks and Financial Institutions to practically understand the current models, frameworks, best practices and evolving challenges in Mobile Banking
  • Provide testing environment for Mobile Banking Applications and solutions to banks and financial institutions for their Mobile Banking requirements.
  • Conduct training programmes, workshops and conferences on Mobile Banking
  • Provides practical skills with hands-on lab experiments on a testing platform.

The Centre for Mobile Banking recently completed Security Testing of Mobile Banking applications of six banks. The suggestions of the testing report based on static and dynamic testing have helped the banks to rectify their vulnerabilities.

A user guide on Mobile Banking through USSD has been prepared by the Centre which can be downloaded from the given link.