Centre for Affordable Technologies

Affordable Technologies enable banks to realise their vision to serve all people across the nation. Banks in India are exploring opportunities of using affordable technologies in their businesses. The areas that banks could use affordable technologies include Mobile Banking, Business Intelligence/Analytics, Financial Portals (internets and intranets), and Information Systems.

The Institute's Centre for Affordable Technologies (CAT) helps banks to use and explore opportunities of leveraging affordable technologies in their businesses. Under the aegis of affordable technologies, CAT focuses on the adoption of open source technologies, financial inclusion technologies, and emerging internet technologies that can benefit Indian banks.

The Centre helps the banks to understand the Open Source Software (OSS) proposition, what it stands for, what it means, and encourages them to explore using OSS in their own organisations. CAT also serves as a test-bed on which banks can test their applications in open source environment and provide training in OSS. The Centre aims to enable financial inclusion in unbanked areas and enable Indian banks to provide financial services at affordable costs using various ICT technologies. The Centre also helps banks to use various Internet technologies in their banking products.

The Centre was inaugurated by Dr. Raghuram G. Rajan, Governor, RBI & Visitor, IDRBT on October 23, 2015.


  • Carry out Research and Development in the areas of Open Source Technologies, Internet Technologies, and Financial Inclusion Technologies related areas with a specific focus on the Banking and Financial Sector
  • Enabling Indian banks to try out OSS and engage with OSS to see its benefits through a state-of-the-art test bed and fostering an ecosystem of OSS vendors/developers who are competent in banking technology
  • Enabling financial inclusion using various ICT technologies
  • Developing architectural and design practices for Internet technologies based banking systems
  • Offering training on Open Source Technologies, Technologies for Financial Inclusion, Data Center Management, Authentication Techniques, IT Vendor Management, and Managing IT and Business.

To start with, the Centre is offering Training Programmes on Open Source Technologies, Technologies for Financial Inclusion, Authentication Techniques, Data Center Management, IT Vendor Management, etc.

Open Source Help Group

Centre for Affordable Technologies has established a Volunteer driven Open Source Help Group to assist the issues emerging out of OSS implementation in Banks. This help group supports on the topics related to Hadoop, Open Source Data Bases, Open Source Cloud Implementation, and other related topics.

For any kind of OSS support, Banks may contact mvnkprasad(at)idrbt(dot)ac(dot)in.