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Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline:

July 12, 2019
August 05, 2019 (AoE)

Camera-ready Deadline:
November 01, 2019

Conference Dates:
December 16 - 20, 2019

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Camera-ready Instructions

Authors should consult Springer's authors' guidelines and use their proceedings templates, either for LaTeX or for Word, for the preparation of their papers. Springer encourages authors to include their ORCIDs ( in their papers. In addition, the corresponding author of each paper, acting on behalf of all of the authors of that paper, must complete and sign a Consent-to-Publish form ( The corresponding author signing the copyright form should match the corresponding author marked on the paper. Once the files have been sent to Springer, changes relating to the authorship of the papers cannot be made.


Revised deadline: October 25, 2019.
The revised deadline for the submission of your camera-ready copy is October 25, 2019. This is a week earlier than the previously announced deadline of November 1. The change is due to constraints imposed by the publisher, Springer.

Paper formatting

You must format your paper following Springer's guidelines for LNCS proceedings. Details and templates for LaTeX and Microsoft Word are available at the following url:
The page limit (including bibliography) is 20 pages for regular papers and 12 pages for work-in-progress (WiP) papers in the format at the url above.

Paper submission

You must submit your camera-ready paper by the deadline above on the hotcrp site:
After logging in, click on your paper and "Edit submission". On the next page, edit the abstract to match what is in your camera-ready. You need to upload three documents on this page:

  • A PDF of your camera-ready paper
  • A ZIP (.zip) file containing all the LaTeX or Word sources of your paper, including any bibliography files. These are needed by Springer to complete their editorial work.
  • A completed, signed copyright transfer form that gives Springer the permission to publish your paper. The blank form is available at the url below. You must fill the form, sign it and upload its PDF. You can create the completed PDF by filling and signing the form on an electronic medium like a tablet or a touchscreen, or by printing, filling, signing and scanning the form. In the "Volume Editor(s) Name(s)" field, write "Deepak Garg, N. V. Narendra Kumar and Rudrapatna K. Shyamasundar". Fill the remaining fields as per the details of your paper. Your paper cannot be published unless the form is correctly filled and signed.

Copyright form


After Springer has copy-edited your paper, they may send an email to the primary contact author with a 72-hour window to allow the detection of any editorial/formatting mistakes introduced by Springer. We cannot predict when this 72 hour window will be. Consequently, please make sure that the contact authors of your paper check their email regularly between November 1 and the conference.

For any questions, please contact