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Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline:

July 12, 2019
August 05, 2019 (AoE)

Camera-ready Deadline:
November 01, 2019

Conference Dates:
December 16 - 20, 2019

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Accepted Papers

ID Title Authors
08 Anti-forensics of a NAD-JPEG detection scheme using Estimation of DC coefficients A. Mandal; T. Das
19 WiP: Criminal Smart Contract for Private Key Theft in End to End Encrypted Applications P. Pal; S. Balaji;
K. Sudharsana
21 Toward Implementing Spatio-Temporal RBAC Extensions A. Dubey; U. Ravi;
S. Sharma; B. Mitra
24 A Transparent and Privacy-Aware Approach Using Smart Contracts for Car Insurance Reward Programs F. Gomes; L. Palma;
M. Vigil; J. Martina
25 Secure Information Flow Analysis Using the PRISM Model Checker A. Noroozi; K. Salehi;
J. Karimpour; A. Isazadeh
34 A New High Capacity and Reversible Data Hiding Technique for Images E. Fatima; S. Islam
36 WiP: Degree Evaluation of Grain-v1 D. Dalai; S. Pal
37 Selective End-To-End Data-Sharing in the Cloud F. Horandner; S. Ramacher;
S. Roth
38 Trustworthy Isolation of DMA Enabled Devices J. Haglund; R. Guanciale
40 Cloud Data Sharing and Device-Loss Recovery with Hardware-Bound Keys F. Horandner; F. Nieddu
41 A Novel k-Anonymization Approach to Prevent Insider Attack in Collaborative Social Network Data Publishing B. Kadhiwala; S. Patel
44 WiP: Generative Adversarial Network for Oversampling Data in Credit Card Fraud detection A. Gangwar; V. Ravi
46 Policy Reconciliation and Migration in Attribute Based Access Control G. Batra; V. Atluri;
J. Vaidya; S. Sural
54 Item-based Privacy Preserving Recommender System with Offline Users and Reduced Trust Requirements P. Verma; A. Mathuria;
S. Dasgupta
55 Differential Attack Graph-based Approach for Assessing Change in the Network Attack Surface G. Bopche; G. Rai;
B. Mehtre
57 WiP: Security Enhanced Size Invariant Visual Cryptography with Perfect Reconstruction of White Pixels J. E; T. Monoth
64 VisMAP: Visual Mining of Attribute-Based Access Control Policies S. Das; S. Sural; J. Vaidya;
V. Atluri; G. Rigoll