IDRBT Doctoral Colloquium

The Annual IDRBT Doctoral Colloquium is a part of the Institute's efforts towards attaining leadership in technology research related to Banking. This colloquium provides an opportunity for researchers pursuing doctoral research (Ph. D.) from reputed institutions such as IITs, IIMs, and NITs to present and discuss their research ideas.

Apart from sessions wherein students pursuing Ph. D. share their research and get feedback from the academic community, the colloquium features workshops and panel discussions on emerging issues in technology research, with the aim of enriching the next generation of technocrats. The colloquium involves extensive participation of faculty members and technical experts from IDRBT as well as from other top technical institutes, banks, financial institutions, and industry as reviewers, presenters and members of jury.

Students pursuing full-time doctoral research (Ph. D.) in different areas of Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, Information Security, Banking Technology or closely related areas, and have completed a minimum of two years of research after enrolling for full-time Ph. D., and who wish to present it to an eminent technical community are invited to participate in the Colloquium.

This Colloquium, held every year around December, provides an opportunity for budding researchers to present and discuss their research ideas and problems and to build a strong network of technology researchers.

The Colloquium covers areas such as Banking Technology, Financial Networks and Applications, Financial Information Systems, Financial Inclusion Technologies, IT Infrastructure and Green IT, Core Banking System Related Areas, Electronic Payment and Settlement Systems, Secure Technologies, Networking and Distributed Systems, Open Source Technologies, Social Network Analysis applied to Banking, Networking and Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing and Virtualization, Mobile Technologies (Communications, Energy Efficiency, etc.), Mobile based Payment Systems, Information Security & Privacy, Cyber Security & Fraud Detection, Biometrics, Image Processing, Mobile Security, Privacy and Trust, Application of technology in Banking and Financial sector, Web Applications for Electronic Commerce, Database Systems, Data Mining & Data Warehousing, Big Data Analytics, CRM, Other Closely Related Areas.

The Institute has conducted Eight Doctoral Colloquiums, starting in 2011, and the links beside provide their details.